Started playing around with computers when his dad bought him a shiny Intel 486 the mid 90’s. He had a first glimpse of the Internet when 56k modems are top of the line.

Earned an Electronics & Communications Engineering degree but started his career in the contact center industry. While working as a tech support for 3 years, he self-studied web development and pursued freelancing when he got fed up with the worsening traffic situation everyday. Since then, he had worked virtually from anywhere while getting projects from Australian, European and American clients.

Previously, he tried some couple of CMS but fell in love with WordPress because of its simplicity, robustness and the awesome community that support each other. Now, he leads the local WordPress User Group Philippines in its meetups and occasionally speaks about web development on various seminars.
Being a tech fanatic, he based the name of his two daughters from Operating Systems. – Unix and MacOS. When not developing websites and contributing to WordPress, he can be found travelling with his crew and doing Aerial Photography